OLOPSC Preschool Free Online Trial Classes

OLOPSC is HoBS ready this school year! The Preschool Department held its Free Online Trial Classes last June 29-30 for OLOPSC employees’ children and last July 13-15 for incoming preschool pupils and non-OLOPSCIAN kids who are interested to join the class. Before the trial classes, the preschool launched the “Meet the Teachers-Hobs Superheroes” on the Preschool Facebook page to let parents and kids feel more excited about what’s in store in our offerings this school year.


The Preschool used Zoom as their platform in doing live sessions with the pupils. The class ran for 30-40 minutes with a maximum number of 12 participants per teacher.

It started with a warm greeting from their teacher followed by a prayer. Circle time was conducted after the prayer, which includes singing, dancing and daily reporting of the date and the weather. The teachers did amazing storytelling sessions for the pupils using animated pictures and images that held the pupils’ attention all throughout the session. New words alert and motive questions were presented before the start of storytelling. Post-reading questions were made entertaining to assess whether the pupils understood the story. Lessons in Language, Math, Reading, and Filipino (Kinder) were all experienced by the participants during the 3-day trial class.

It was indeed a successful activity in helping our parents decide whether their child is ready for home-based schooling. The parents and the kids even sent messages, pictures and videos to their teachers after the trial class. It is their way of expressing their BIG thanks for the fun learning that they had during those days.