Philosophy of Education

We believe that …

  • every learner has talents and potentials to be developed, dignity and worth to be valued, rights to be respected and responsibilities to be assumed;
  • education is a shared responsibility of the learner, home, school and community;
  • the school provides the environment for equipping individuals with learning skills, technology and life skills for a successful and purposeful life in the 21st century;
  • an educational program which promotes global awareness, financial literacy, world-class entrepreneurship, and adept knowledge in economics, business, civics, health and environment will support global and local development.



Core Values

OLOPSC espouses a set of core values which serves as bases for all behavior in the organization. It is expected that once these values are shared by all members, a certain culture will emerge that will contribute to the realization of the school vision.

OLOPSC core values is the S-RICE which are as follows:

• Spirituality

• Responsibility

• Integrity

• Caring Culture

• Excellence




We envision OLOPSC as a premier caring educational institution that contributes to the development of a progressive and peaceful society by empowering its graduates to be of good character, academically excellent, highly competitive, responsible stewards of God's gifts, and globally prepared for the 21st century.


OLOPSC is committed to providing relevant, quality and holistic education by:

• creating an academic environment that stimulates love for learning and provides opportunities for the

application of learning in real life;

• nurturing God-loving individuals with Marian virtues and spirituality;

• instilling love of country, pride in our identity and cultural heritage.

• fostering awareness, behavioral changes and engagement in practices towards sustainable development;

• developing leadership with a hear for service; and

• equipping learners with 21st century skills


Calendar of Activities

Preschool, Grade School, High School and College Activities for the current month


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Advocacy Programs

We believe in creating a responsible environment and building good character with our advocacy programs