A Day With a Chef

by Ms. Pamela Adriano & Nicelee M. Morada

The collaboration of the Presch ool Department and the College D epartment which gave birth to A Day With a Chef began last school year. Last July 20 -23, our preschoolers were once again welcomed warmly at the College HRM Laboratory for this school year’s A Day With a Chef. Mr. Jose Arnulfo E. Espineda, Chef Pepe (as he prefers to be called), with the assistance of HRM college students, showed the kids how to prepare Kiddo Primo Salad.

What others think as “junk food” was transformed into a healthy snack with generous helpings of corn, pineapple bits and nuts, sprinkled with a special dressing which the children had a chance to help whisk and stir in a big bowl. They learned that chips made of multi-grains is a healthy choice. With them mixing the ingredients in their individual plates and tossing them with the creamy dressing, eating what they prepared became more appealing and delightful.





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