Segregation of Waste and Cleanliness Drive (SWAC)

Description : It aims to train every OLOPSCian to become environmentally responsible
individuals by placing each trash on its designated bins properly for a clean and orderly school environment. Waste bins in OLOPS College are segregated into “biodegradable/ non- biodegradable. Cleanliness is strictly monitored in all areas of the school.

Objectives :

1. Generate awareness on the importance of waste segregation.
2. Maintain a clean and healthful school environment through proper waste segregation
3. Safeguard the health of school population.


Water Day

Description : OLOPS College sets Wednesday as water day to students, teachers,
employees, & administration. Canteen only serves water on Wednesdays.

Objectives : To heighten the students’ awareness of the importance of drinking water


Veggie Seafood Day

Description : OLOPS College sets Friday as Veggie-Seafood day to students, teachers, employees, & administration. Canteens serve only seafood & vegetables on Fridays.

Objectives : 
1. To strengthen the nutrition campaign in and out of the school
2. To appreciate the importance of healthy living
3. To create awareness among students ,faculty and other school personnel of eating nutritious food in daily meal



Description : 5S is a phrase that refers to workplace organization and standardization.

Sort : “When in doubt, move it out.”
Set in Order : “Have a place for everything and everything in its place.”
Shine : “Clean & Inspect”
Standardize : Make up the rules for the first 3 S’s”
Sustain : “Keep your 5S efforts going.”

Objectives : To have our working areas organized, free of clutter, efficient, safe, and 
pleasant to work in.



Description : Clean As You Go Habit 

Objectives :

1. To complete the days’ work to a high standard and on time.
2. To create a more peaceful and tidy environment.
3. To eliminate wastes in all places.



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