OLOPSC Welcomes New Pupils New Facilities

By Sofia Bianca I. Hidalgo | 6 - Queen of Angels

June 13 marked the first day of school for S.Y. 2018- 2019. In an effort to make the school the best environment for learning, OLOPSC has upgraded its facilities to keep up with the needs of its pupils.

Notable among the facilities are the washrooms. Nobody would ever mistakenly get in the wrong room because the washrooms have signs big enough for anyone to see – an image of a blue boy for the boy’s washroom and a pink girl for the girls’. In between the rooms is a long line of faucets for washing. Atop the sink are mirrors to see how you look. Balancing the environment of these washrooms are vertically hung potted plants.

The classrooms now have a fresh look to them. One wall has the distinct OLOPSC blue which makes the whiteboard or blackboard as the focal point and the teacher, the main attraction. Going through the halls, one cannot stop noticing the colorful artsy boards with welcome messages from dear faculty members.

Learning comes early in the Grade School Department. Even before reaching the classroom one is welcomed by the multiplication equations found on the steps of the stairs.

These facilities are not only essential to education but also important for the pupils to improve their basic life skills.


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