PRESCHOOL Field Demo, OLOPSC 40th Anniversary

by: Mrs. Pamela Bianca P. Adriano

Every year the OLOPC community celebrates its Foundation Day to commemorate the day when the school was founded or established, but this year is different from the other years of celebration. Because this year marks the OLOPSC 40th year anniversary. As part of the celebration each level in the preschool department will showcase their field demo presentation, starting from the nursery, kinder 1 and the kinder 2 level.

Last February 17, 2018 each level have shown their talents in dancing wearing their unique costumes and props. The program started at exactly 7:30 The program was facilitated by our Preschool Head Mrs. Donna Lei S. Matalote and Ms. Cholene Herrera.

The nursery pupils demonstrate their talents using a hula-hoop. The nursery “HOOPIES” danced with the remix music of hula-hoop and zumba songs. The audience was very amazed by how these little hoopies dances gracefully with their teachers.

Right after the nursery hoopies presentation it was followed by the Kinder-1 Little Squad wearing their cheerleader and pep squad costumes and pompoms. The little squad danced with the remix songs such as: Hey mickey, we will rock you and toxic. The little squad performed actively and energetically with their teachers. They truly rock the audience.

The last performers were the Kinder 2 Space Jammers. Wearing their basketball attire with a sphere ball, they danced in the tune of space jam and Korean song Fantastic. The Space jammers astonished the audience with their graceful dance moves using their sphere ball with their teachers. The pupils truly makes the ball keep on rolling.


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