OLOPSC, ARALINKS: Partners in Integrating Teaching and Technology

By: Christian Chua

As OLOPSC continues to uphold its vision of creating learners with 21st Century skills, the Grade School and High School faculty attended a seminar last May 31-June 1, 2018 entitled, “Enriching Frontal Instruction using Digital Resources” in partnership with Phoenix Publishing House.

The seminar introduced the ARALINKS program which means linking learning with education and technology. With the help of ARALINKS, teachers could easily find activities or assessments through the Content Management System that can be used inside the classroom.

Ms. Patricia Ramo, an EdTech specialist of Phoenix Publishing House, said that the more powerful technology becomes, the more indispensable good teachers are. Through the use of technology, teachers would be able to become more equipped and knowledgeable in making lessons interactive and meaningful to the students. In addition to that, teachers would also be more innovative and creative in dealing with the day-to-day class discussions.

ARALINKS would surely make learning more engaging and fun for the students. This partnership with Phoenix really shows that OLOPSC continues to find ways in order to improve its quality of education.

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