CollaBORAtion: Engaging the Unstoppable toward Academic Excellence and Sustainable Development

By: Elisa Hillary Gabalfin

Collaboration is working jointly with others to attain a common goal. This goal may either be beneficial to the members of the team who collaborated with each other or to the people outside of the team as well as the surrounding environment. Collaboration can be seen anywhere. The most common place where this can be observed is in school and the OLOPSC community serves as an example. The school adheres to its central meaning through various engagements and practices. Let us know more about these various engagements and practices through the acronym BORA.

B stands for "bringing the pearls out of the shells." Every month, there are a number of activities from different subject areas wherein students get to showcase their knowledge and talents. In this way, the students live up to the school's vision of being academically excellent and highly competitive.

O stands for "outstanding research in promoting awareness among students." The school continues to find ways on how to keep the students updated regarding issues concerning most especially the environment. Moreover, to truly create outstanding research, Ms. Romelyn A. Alquisar was appointed as Research Coordinator to manage the different research subjects in all strands.

R stands for "remaking scene, going green." OLOPSC is known to be a sustainable school. Students practice CLAYGo and Proper Waste Segregation. Plastic bottles are isolated from other forms of garbage as it can still be recycled. Every Monday, Earth Hour is observed to reduce the effect and contribution to global warming and climate change. Aside from these, students are also recommended to observe Water Day every Wednesday and Fruit-Veggie-Seafood Day every Friday to ensure and maintain their good condition in terms of health.

A stands for "amplifying the love for God and country" — the last but the most important of all. In everything that we do, having and keeping our faith should be our top priority. OLOPSC conducts church activities such as masses and recollections. There are also clubs for students' spiritual growth. We should do all means to help our country grow and progress towards a more developed one.

The acronym BORA does not only serve as initials that carry a specific meaning. BORA was also taken from the word "Boracay." As we all know, the island that was brimmed by the energy from tourists and natives suddenly fell silent as it was closed due to cesspool and faulty sewerage system problems. Rest assured, according to the news, that it will be reopened soon. The rehabilitation and decongestion of the place serves as an exemplification that there is still light at the end of the tunnel and that there is nothing impossible as long as there would be a collaborative work between people.

One can make a difference and start the change but it would be useless if only one moves and the rest will just wait idly. It is better if all of us will participate and collaborate now before it is too late.

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