Preschool Department Re-Launches Environmental Awareness Campaign

By Mrs. Odylane Norma V. Uy

OLOPSC truly loves Mother Earth! Last June 30, 2017, the Preschool Department  had their first big event for School Year 2017-2018, the Re-Launching of the Environmental Awareness Campaign. All were invited and encouraged to wear something green, to show support to the said project.

Through a simple role play, the pupils were able to see the image and relate to the feeling of Earth when it was dirty and the feeling of Earth right after the pupils cleaned it. The school’s advocacies Zero Waste Campaign and Pack-a-Snack were also introduced to show OLOPSC’s way of keeping Mother Earth clean and happy.

The pupils were given a chance to help save our planet through the different activities in the booths           provided. They experienced how to compost, reuse,        recycle, segregate, and plant during the campaign. Their plants were placed in the Preschool’s Garden of Love for them to take care of.

 With the activities provided, the parents and the  pupils alike became aware of what they could do in school and at home to make the world a better place.



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