by Ramon P. Denoso

Set for a good cause of educating another indigenous community, the TIP (Teaching Indigenous People) class for the second semester of the current academic year conceptualized an immersion activity.  Collaborative with the OLOPSC Schools and Community Relations Department, the different clubs in the College Department, the Non-Teaching Department and faculty members, visited a community in Barangay Cuyambay, Rizal and made it the beneficiary of an outreach program held on March 11, 2016.  

Two focal missions: Education - which covered family life and values, art skills and appreciation and the housing of another mini-library for the children and Socialization – which provided the recipients a worth remembering recreational activities and some refreshment, completed the tasks prepared by the organizers.

The immersion activity aimed to provide actual teaching procedure to indigenous learners, to further provide knowledge to future mentors about the distinction and similarity of imparting education between the normal classroom set up and an indigenous class atmosphere and to promote the spirit of  contributing to the establishment of community linkages.


A good teacher is probably one who views the learners as human or learning individuals and not as artifacts or objects of cultural disposition. It has been made known to most of the majority group that indigenous children have been raised to be autonomous individuals with a right to express their views, opinions and even their needs. They are more likely to be used to working for the collective good rather than focusing on individual achievement.

.Perhaps cultural diversity is never a hindrance in strengthening learning for as long as experience is recognized greatly in other settings. Indigenous children do have perceptual functions just like other children outside their ethnicity. Education is for all.






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