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A young but mighty Blue Eagle flew to her first home, the nest of the Golden Phoenix early this June.


Charlene Kate Tolentino, an OLOPSC alumna and Valedictorian of Batch 2011—and now an ADMU Summa Cum Laude went for a courtesy call to the office of OLOPSC President, Mrs. Carmen Salvador on June 04, 2015. Present in the meeting were Dr. Armida S. Samaniego, VPAA; Mrs. Rose Editha S. Flores, VPSA and Mrs. Perpetua R. Hernandez, HS Principal.

OLOPSC shares Charlene’s joy and victory as a Computer Science graduate ; no less proud of her academic achievement and social advocacy—a Summa Cum Laude not born overnight but journeyed with OLOPSC at some point in her student life.


As a former staff member of The Horizon, Charmaine was nothing less than happy for a short interview to share her journey at Ateneo de Manila University ( ADMU ).

Horizon: How do you describe your college life?


Charmaine: “It is very much different from high school. I was initially culture -shocked when I was a freshman. My coping skills were put to a test. There were higher Expectations when it comes to academics. Fun but intimidating.”


H: I suppose you spent quite some of your time academically. Were you able to join student organizations or interest clubs?

C: “I was not totally lifeless when I was in Ateneo. I joined a number of student organizations to have a feel of the university and what it had to offer. I was a member of GABAY (organization of scholars), ACLC (Ateneo Christian Life Circle and Matang Lawin (a Filipino Creative Writing Group).”


H: Why did you choose Computer Science for a course ?



C: Well, I chose Computer Science because I am genuinely interested in it. Actually, I have to thank Mr. Jerome Arsenio , if not because of him I would not have discovered computer programming. He was the one who taught me Visual Basics in computer, HTML and Java Script back in high school. Because of his generosity in lending me a book I won that contest in CEU. From then on I knew I would take up Computer Science. My teachers here in OLOPSC helped me a lot. Moreover, it is a lucrative course. My brother is also a Computer Science graduate.”


H: So, you really like your college course. Were you expecting to receive the highest Latin Honour upon graduation ?


C: NO!!! When I was still a freshman I was thinking it was enough for me to pass my subjects especially the major ones. Well, you see everyone in Ateneo is an achiever in one way or another; expect everyone to be good. I just did my school work because I had to.

H: Was there a turning point where you realized that you could make it and achieve that coveted award?


C: “I think that was when I was a junior. A professor almost gave our group an F mark in our project. Good thing he did not. If he did I would not be here today doing this interview. After that incident I checked my grades and realized that I could manage and get an award as I graduate. So, I told myself , why not up my game a little bit more, work harder and hope to get that award.

H. On a last not, what piece of advice can you give to your fellow OLOPSCians who are still contemplating about where to go to for college?


C: “To my fellow OLOPSCians, don’t doubt yourselves. Just try and explore. If an opportunity arrives, go and grab it. Gamble! Man up! You will not accomplish anything if you will stay in your comfort zone.”

Now, Charlene is currently employed as a project consultant of computer softwares and mobile applications at AZUS, a software company that mostly caters to Hong Kong based consumers.




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