Kinder 2 Mini-Market Activity

by Ms. Donna Lei Matalote & Nicelee Morada

Learning ought to be fun and meaningful for our preschoolers. To promote eating of healthy foods, the Kinder 2 teachers gave their pupils an experience of a day in a market. The teachers prepared what looked like a mini-market at the Preschool assembly area last July 22, 2015. The children were assigned to bring samples of go, grow, and glow foods for the activity. (Thank you, dear parents for your support!) Teacher Alec and Teacher Ayses took turns playing the role market vendor while each class adviser brought her pupils to the mini-market for a tour.

The children saw the variety of go, grow and glow foods on display. They were amazed by the huge patola and were thrilled to fill their small bayong or mini-shopping cart with healthy food. All were excited to shop. Using “I Spy” game, the teachers were able to see how well the children learned their lessons in class. They were able to select and put in the bayong the correct food described by the teacher. They were also able to classify the fruits, vegetables, and other food items according to their food group. The pupils actively participated and enjoyed the activity so much. They waved goodbye to the mini-market vendors with big smiles on their faces.


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