Step up and be EMPOWERED in the NEW NORMAL!

OLOPSC is HOme-Based School ready.

Through OLOPSC HoBS, we are able to reach our students using a modified hybrid teaching and learning system.


Synchronous learning focuses on having a specific schedule for subjects where both students and teachers learn at the same time.
Asynchronous learning provides the students time to learn on their own and complete the tasks given by their teachers.

Both online and offline communication learning tools will be maximized including the use of books, notebooks, modules and other learning activities. This will help the students adapt slowly to the change by using their traditional materials and combining it with online materials. Students will then be assessed through projects, video presentations, online activities and offline assessment.

With school year 2020-2021 as our first HoBS implementation, we each had our share of challenges on both sides of the student-educator relationship. Nevertheless, we are proud to say that it was a successful year for the HoBS program and we commit to continue making improvements along the way.

All of these are made possible for your kids

to become empowered OLOPSCians…


OLOPSC HoBS is Powered by Google for Education and Aralinks Teachnology

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