The Office of Student Affairs is responsible in providing holistic programs and activities for student development and formation in accordance to the vision-mission of OLOPS College.
The office is in charge of all student activities and student formation which are directly handled by the Office of the Coordinator for Student Activities and Office of the Coordinator for Student Formation whose functions are to plan, organize, implement, monitor, regulate, supervise, evaluate and recommend all programs and activities of the students.


The Student Formation Program is essential in promoting a peaceful, safe and orderly learning environment. It is carried out through effective communication of the rules, consistency in implementation, examples of good behaviour, positive influence, external standards of control and other positive approaches.

Its end goal is to encourage the students to obey the rules not for fear or punishment but for understanding the importance of obeying them. It also impresses upon them the need to take responsibility for their actions should they fail to meet the standards.


The Student Activity Program is a program of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities by the various clubs, the Student Council and all subject areas that complement the school's academic program. Parallel to the school's vision and mission, it is designed to holistically develop the students through varied, meaningful and worthwhile activities and interactions.

The OLOPSC Varsity Program aims to create, train and support varsity sports teams to represent the school in various off -campus sports tournaments.
- To recruit students who excel in different sports
- To provide proper training and enhance their skills to become competitive
- To have an avenue where they can unleash their talents and skills in the field of sports
- To represent the school in off campus sports tournament.
- To develop their physical, emotional and social well-being .
- To promote self-discipline and character formation 
- To build team and school spirit 

Special Courses 
The following Special Courses are offered to provide more intensive training to dance and sports enthusiasts :
- Ballet Classes
- Taekwondo Classes
- Music Classes (Guitar, Drums, Voice, Keyboard & Violin)




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