Library / Learning Resource Center

The Library / Learning Resource Center provides important print and non-print sources of information to meet both the academic and non-academic needs of the OLOPSC community. It offers reference and research books , journals and information files for room use as well as a wide selection of books for circulation and home reading. The librarian each department is under the supervision of the Head Librarian and the library assistants.
Library Hours
Monday to Friday : 7am – 4:30pm
Saturday : 8am – 12nn

Guidance Services

The Guidance Office is envisioned as a caring second home tasked to help students towards self-direction and self-development.. A team of able Guidance Counselors is committed in assisting the pupils to become well-balanced individuals equipped with self-understanding and self-direction thereby preparing them for a purposeful life. The Guidance Program complements the academic program of the school in its aim to help students become well-motivated, independent, equipped with knowledge, skills, values and attitudes appropriate for their levels and to ensure their readiness as they go up the higher academic levels. This is made possible through the implementation of the different guidance services:

Health Services

Health services include medical and dental services aimed at promoting the general physical well-being of the students and the other members of the school community. The school clinic is open from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. It is supervised by physicians, dentists and nurses.
The School Physician

- Conducts annual medical check-up of students. - Treats students and staff who go to the clinic for emergency cases - Issues prescriptions / gives medical advice to those who walk in for consultation
- Administers immunization to students and employees whenever necessary.
- Coordinates with health agencies on the control and prevention of communicable diseases.
- Acts as consultant and / or resource person in school or community health education. purposeful life.

The School Dentist

- Does an annual dental check-up of all students..
- Administers simple dental treatment in case of emergency.
- Issues prescriptions and referrals.
- Acts as resource speaker on proper oral hygiene and diet to - --maintain healthy teeth.
- Issues bulletins on proper oral hygiene.



Church Services

The liturgical program aims to create a Christian community in OLOPSC. Church services are held regularly to deepen the spirituality of its members and prepare them for a meaningful participation in spreading the gospel. Church services include : Community masses on First Fridays, Sundays, Marian Feasts , Christmas, Lent, Easter and other church holidays
There are also novenas, prayer meetings /masses for employees every Friday  , annual ¬†First Communion Rites scheduled every last Saturday of January). Occasionally, the school also schedules¬† Confirmation Rites




Canteen Services

The School Canteen provides nutrition service and serves as a convenient dining venue to students, faculty and staff . Each department has its own canteen supervised by its respective canteen concessionaire.


Canteen services, facilities and staff are evaluated by the administration and food committees from different departments from time to time.




Calendar of Activities

Preschool, Grade School, High School and College Activities for the current month


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Advocacy Programs

We believe in creating a responsible environment and building good character with our advocacy programs