OLOPS College will hold a 4-day celebration of Tourism Week on the first week of September. Dubbed as “ OFF BEAT PHIIPPINES, ” the event will feature some unique characteristics of our people , interesting things, sights and places , foods, songs and dances to unfold the richness of our cultural heritage


On opening day , there will be a Photo Exhibit of Philippine themes to showcase the photography skills of the Tourism students. This will be topped by rhythm in motion, through uniquely Filipino music ,dances and the playing of musical instruments to be powered and performed by Tourism students where the winner will receive the title as the first ever “Talentadong Turismo Grand Champion.”


On the second day , students will vie in a “Tour Guiding Competition: Present Philippines ” where they will act as tour guides and interestingly bring the audience in a simulated tour of Manila, Ilocos Sur/Ilocos Norte, Cebu, Benguet, Palawan, Aklan, Albay , Bohol and a variety of man-made and natural attractions.


On the third day, students with skills in visual arts shall compete in a poster –making Contest to come up with a picture that will best define the Philippines as an OFF-BEAT COUNTRY


On the last day, tourism students will prove that they are students with beauty, talent and brains as they exchange blows in a “Quiz Bee” on general information or facts and figures about our country.


To culminate the activity , an awarding ceremony will be held to culminate the activity ..


Join us in celebrating the World Tourism Month! Let’s be glad and take pride in having an “OFFBEAT PHILIPPINES ” as our home .


  • Rhyniel M. Vitualla- LTSP OLOPSC Chapter Secretary
  • Angelie Marie l. Vizconde- LTSP-OLOPSC Chapter Club Moderator
    Area Chair for Tourism

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